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Play by Play Audio Archives offers Play by Play audio archives for Fort Madison sports events. Choose the event archive below and click on the event to re-live all the excitement!
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Audio Archive Listing
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Sport Key : B = Baseball : BB = Basketball : FB = Football
GF = Golf : I = Interview : LL = Little League : O = Other
SB = Softball : SC= Soccer : TE = Tennis : TR = Track
VB = Volleyball : WR = Wrestling
Date Sport Event B/G Choose
2017-02-23BBHounds vs Mt Pleasant District FinalBlisten
2017-02-15BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk RegionalsGlisten
2017-01-28BBCentral Lee vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2017-01-28BBCentral Lee vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2017-01-13BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2017-01-13BBKeokuk vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2017-01-06BBLady Hounds vs Fairfield varsityGlisten
2017-01-06BBHounds vs Fairfield varsityBlisten
2016-12-02BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk varsityGlisten
2016-12-02BBHounds vs Keokuk varsityBlisten
2016-10-07FB Hounds vs Fairfield VarsityBlisten
2016-09-30FBSolon vs Hounds vs VarsityBlisten
2016-09-23FBHounds vs Mt Pleasant VarsityBlisten
2016-09-09FBOskaloosa vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2016-09-02FB Hounds vs Central Lee VarsityBlisten
2016-08-26FBDavis County vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2016-02-25BBHounds vs MtPleasant District FinalBlisten
2016-02-12BBFairfield vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2016-02-12BBFairfield vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2016-02-09BBDavis County vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2016-02-05BBWashington vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2016-02-05BBWashington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2016-01-29BBMt Pleasant vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2016-01-22BBHTC Crusaders vs Lady HoundsGlisten
2016-01-22BBHTC Crusaders vs HoundsBlisten
2016-01-19BBBurlington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2016-01-19BBBurlington vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2016-01-15BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk VarsityGlisten
2016-01-15BBHounds vs Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2015-12-18BBMt Pleasant vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2015-12-17WRMt Pleasant vs Hounds Blisten
2015-12-15BBWest Hancock vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2015-12-12BBN D Nikes vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2015-12-12BBN D Nikes vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2015-12-04BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2015-12-04BBKeokuk vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2015-12-03WRQuincy vs HoundsBlisten
2015-10-16FBHounds vs Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2015-10-16FBHounds vs Keokuk 9thBlisten
2015-10-09FBHounds vs Centerville VarsityBlisten
2015-10-02FBWashington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2015-10-02FBWashington vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2015-09-25FBFairfield vs Hounds Homecoming VarsityBlisten
2015-09-25FBFairfield vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2015-09-18FBHounds vs Clear Creek Amana VarsityBlisten
2015-09-04FBBurlington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2015-08-28FBHounds vs WB ND 9thBlisten
2015-08-28FBHounds vs WB ND VarsityBlisten
2015-02-26BB Hounds vs Keokuk District Final Blisten
2015-02-23BB Hounds vs Mt Pleasant District Blisten
2015-02-18BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk RegionalsGlisten
2015-02-05WRBurlington vs HoundsBlisten
2015-01-30BBMt Pleasant vs Hounds VarBlisten
2015-01-24BBCentral Lee vs Hounds VarBlisten
2015-01-22WRKeokuk vs HoundsBlisten
2015-01-16BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds VarGlisten
2015-01-16BBKeokuk vs Hounds VarBlisten
2015-01-09BBFairfield vs Lady Hounds VarGlisten
2015-01-09BBFairfield vs Hounds VarBlisten
2015-01-08WRWashington vs HoundsBlisten
2014-12-19BBMt.Pleasant vs Lady Hounds VarGlisten
2014-12-11BBLady Hounds vs Holy Trinity VarGlisten
2014-12-11BBHounds vs Holy Trinity VarBlisten
2014-12-06BBPleasant Valley vs Hounds VarBlisten
2014-12-05BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk VarGlisten
2014-12-05BBHounds vs Keokuk VarBlisten
2014-12-01BBOttumwa vs Lady Hounds VarGlisten
2014-10-24FBHOUNDS vs Mt Pleasant varsityBlisten
2014-10-24FBHOUNDS vs Mt Pleasant 9thBlisten
2014-10-17FBKeokuk vs HOUNDS varsityBlisten
2014-10-17FBKeokuk vs HOUNDS 9thBlisten
2014-10-10FBCenterville vs HOUNDS varsityBlisten
2014-10-10FBCenterville vs HOUNDS 9thBlisten
2014-10-03FBHOUNDS vs Washington varsityBlisten
2014-10-03FBHOUNDS vs Washington 9thBlisten
2014-09-26FBHOUNDS vs Fairfield varsityBlisten
2014-09-26FBHOUNDS vs Fairfield 9thBlisten
2014-09-19FBClear Creek Amana vs HOUNDS varsityBlisten
2014-09-19FBClear Creek Amana vs HOUNDS 9thBlisten
2014-09-12FBDavenport Assumption vs HOUNDS varsityBlisten
2014-09-12FBDavenport Assumption vs HOUNDS 9thBlisten
2014-09-05FBHOUNDS vs Burlington varsityBlisten
2014-08-29FBWB ND vs HOUNDS varsityBlisten
2014-08-29FBWB ND vs HOUNDS 9thBlisten
2014-03-03BBHounds vs Grinnell SubStateBlisten
2014-02-27BBHounds vs Keokuk District FinalBlisten
2014-02-24BBHounds vs Fairfield DistrictsBlisten
2014-02-19BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk RegionalsGlisten
2014-02-07BBWashington vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2014-02-07BBWashington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2014-01-17BBLady Hounds vs Keokuk VarsityGlisten
2014-01-17BBHounds vs Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2014-01-16WRFairfield vs HoundsBlisten
2014-01-09WRHounds vs Washington Blisten
2014-01-03BBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-12-19WRHounds vs Mt.Pleasant West HancockBlisten
2013-12-14BBOttumwa vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2013-12-14BBOttumwa vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-12-12BBLady Hounds vs Holy Trinity VarsityGlisten
2013-12-06BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2013-12-06BBKeokuk vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-12-05WRQuincy vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-10-25FBKeokuk vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2013-10-25FBKeokuk vs Hounds Varsity Senior NightBlisten
2013-10-18FBHounds vs Washington 9thBlisten
2013-10-18FBHounds vs Washington VarsityBlisten
2013-10-11FBFairfield vs Hounds 9th HomecomingBlisten
2013-10-11FBFairfield vs Hounds Varsity HomecomingBlisten
2013-10-04FBHounds vs Centerville VarsityBlisten
2013-09-27FBHounds vs Clear Creek Amana 9thBlisten
2013-09-27FBHounds vs Clear Creek Amana VarsityBlisten
2013-09-20FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2013-09-20FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-09-13FBHounds vs Williamsburg 9thBlisten
2013-09-13FBHounds vs Williamsburg VarsityBlisten
2013-09-06FBChariton vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-09-06FBChariton vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2013-08-30FBHounds vs WB ND VarsityBlisten
2013-08-30FBHounds vs WB ND 9thBlisten
2013-07-11SBRegionals Lady Hounds vs KeokukGlisten
2013-02-18BBDistricts Hounds vs WilliamsburgBlisten
2013-02-13BBRegionals Lady Hounds vs KeokukGlisten
2013-02-04BBCentral Lee vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2013-01-29WRBurlington vs HoundsBlisten
2013-01-17WRKeokuk vs HoundsBlisten
2013-01-04BBFairfield vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2013-01-04BBFairfield vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2012-10-19FBHounds vs Keokuk VarBlisten
2012-10-19FBHounds vs Keokuk 9thBlisten
2012-10-12FBWashington vs Hounds Var Blisten
2012-10-12FBWashington vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2012-10-05FBVar Hounds vs Fairfield Blisten
2012-10-05FB9th Hounds vs FairfieldBlisten
2012-09-28FBCenterville vs Hounds VarBlisten
2012-09-28FBCenterville vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2012-09-21FBClear Creek Amana vs Hounds VarBlisten
2012-09-14FBHounds vs Mt.Pleasant Var Blisten
2012-09-07FBWilliamsburg vs Hounds VarBlisten
2012-08-31FBHounds vs Chariton VarBlisten
2012-08-24FBWest Bur ND vs Hounds VarBlisten
2012-02-03BBWashington vs Lady Hounds VarGlisten
2012-02-03BBWashington vs Hounds ContinuedBlisten
2012-02-03BBWashington vs Hounds VarBlisten
2011-10-21FBHounds vs Pella Blisten
2011-10-21FBPreGame With Dr. Tim and JimBlisten
2011-10-14FBCenterville vs Hounds Senior NightBlisten
2011-10-14FBPreGame With Dr. Tim and JimBlisten
2011-10-07FBHounds vs OskaloosaBlisten
2011-10-07FBPreGame With Dr. Tim and JimBlisten
2011-09-30FBChariton vs Hounds HomecomingBlisten
2011-09-30FBPreGame With Dr. Tim and JimBlisten
2011-09-23FBHounds vs Mt.PleasantBlisten
2011-09-23FBPreGame With Dr. Tim and JimBlisten
2011-09-16FBHounds vs FairfieldBlisten
2011-09-16FBPreGame With Dr. Tim and JimBlisten
2011-09-09FBKeokuk vs HoundsBlisten
2011-09-09FBPreGame With Dr Tim and Jimlisten
2011-09-02FBCentral Lee vs HoundsBlisten
2011-09-02FBPreGame With Dr Tim and Jimlisten
2011-08-26FBHounds vs Louisa MuscatineBlisten
2011-07-09SBLady Hounds vs Keokuk RegionalsGlisten
2011-02-16BBRegionals Lady Hounds vs KeokukGlisten
2011-01-25BBDavis County vs Lady Hounds VarGlisten
2011-01-25BBDavis County vs Hounds VarBlisten
2010-10-22FBPella vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2010-10-15FBHounds vs Centerville VarsityBlisten
2010-10-08FBOskaloosa vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2010-10-01FBHounds vs Chariton VarsityBlisten
2010-09-24FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2010-09-17FBFairfield vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2010-09-03FBHounds vs Central Lee VarsityBlisten
2010-08-27FBLouisa-Muscatine vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2010-07-16BDistricts Mt.Pleasant vs HoundsBlisten
2010-07-14SBRegional Finals Keokuk vs Lady HoundsGlisten
2009-10-23FBWashington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2009-10-23FBWashington vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2009-10-16FBHounds vs Clear Creek-Amana 9th 2nd HalfBlisten
2009-10-16FBHounds vs Clear Creek-Amana VarsityBlisten
2009-10-09FBKeokuk vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2009-10-09FBKeokuk vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2009-10-02FBWilliamsburg vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2009-10-02FBWilliamsburg vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2009-09-25FBHounds vs Fairfield 9thBlisten
2009-09-25FBHounds vs Fairfield VarsityBlisten
2009-09-18FBHounds vs Oskaloosa VarsityBlisten
2009-09-18FBHounds vs Oskaloosa 9thBlisten
2009-09-11FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2009-09-11FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2009-09-04FBWest Burl vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2009-08-28FBHounds vs Central Lee VarsityBlisten
2009-07-17BFairfield vs Hounds DistrictsBlisten
2009-07-13SBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds Regional SFGlisten
2009-07-11SBFairfield vs Lady Hounds Regional QFGlisten
2009-05-28SCMt.Pleasant vs Hounds Blisten
2009-02-23BBDistricts Mt.Pleasant vs HoundsBlisten
2009-02-18BBRegionals Keokuk vs Lady HoundsGlisten
2009-01-20BBLady Hounds vs Burlington VarsityGlisten
2009-01-20BBHounds vs Burlington VarsityBlisten
2009-01-16BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds JVGlisten
2009-01-16BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2009-01-16BBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds 9thGlisten
2008-12-06BBFM Hounds vs HTC Crusaders VarsityBlisten
2008-10-24FBHounds vs Washington VarsityBlisten
2008-10-17FBClear Creek Amana vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2008-10-10FBHounds vs Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2008-10-03FBHounds vs Williamsburg VarsityBlisten
2008-09-26FBFairfield vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2008-09-19FBOskaloosa vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2008-09-12FBHounds vs Mt.Pleasant 9thBlisten
2008-09-12FBHounds vs Mt Pleasant VarsityBlisten
2008-09-05FBHounds vs W Burl ND VarsityBlisten
2008-09-05FBHounds vs W Burl ND 9thBlisten
2008-08-29FBCentral Lee vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2008-08-29FBCentral Lee vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2008-08-22IInterviews During Media Nightlisten
2008-07-19SBState Champioship Lady Hounds vs WintersetGlisten
2008-07-18SBState Tourney Lady Hounds vs Dav AssumptionGlisten
2008-07-16SBState Tourney Lady Hounds vs CarlisleGlisten
2008-07-14BDistricts Mt.Pleasant vs HoundsBlisten
2008-07-11BDistricts Keokuk vs HoundsBlisten
2008-07-09SBRegionals Centerville vs Lady HoundsGlisten
2008-07-07SBRegionals Washington vs Lady HoundsGlisten
2008-07-05SBRegionals Mt.Pleasant vs FM Lady HoundsGlisten
2008-06-19BKeokuk vs Hounds Game 1Blisten
2008-06-19BKeokuk vs Hounds Game 2Blisten
2008-06-11SBLady Hounds vs Lady Crusaders Game 1Glisten
2008-06-11SBLady Hounds vs Lady Crusaders Game 2Glisten
2008-06-10SBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds Game 1Glisten
2008-06-10SBKeokuk vs Lady Hounds Game 2Glisten
2008-02-18BBDistricts Hounds vs Davis CountyBlisten
2008-02-13BBRegionals Lady Hounds vs Mt.PleasantGlisten
2008-01-17BBHTC Crusaders vs FM Bloodhounds 9thBlisten
2008-01-17BBHTC Crusaders vs FM Bloodhounds VarsityBlisten
2007-12-20BBDavenport Central vs Lady Hounds Varsity Glisten
2007-12-20BBDavenport Central vs Lady Hounds JVGlisten
2007-12-13BBLady Hounds vs Holy Trinity JVGlisten
2007-12-13BBLady Hounds vs Holy Trinity VarsityGlisten
2007-11-29WRQuincy vs HoundsBlisten
2007-11-27BBWashington vs FMMS Terriers 7th ABlisten
2007-11-27BBWashington vs FMMS Terriers 7th BBlisten
2007-10-30BBOttumwa vs FMMS Terriers 8th BGlisten
2007-10-30BBOttumwa vs FMMS Terriers 8th A Glisten
2007-10-26FBHounds vs Keokuk 9thBlisten
2007-10-26FBHounds vs Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2007-10-19FBWashington vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2007-10-19FBWashington vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2007-10-12FBCenterville vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2007-10-12FBHomecoming Centerville vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2007-10-05FBHounds vs Davis County 9thBlisten
2007-10-05FBHounds vs Davis County VarsityBlisten
2007-09-28FBHounds vs Fairfield 9thBlisten
2007-09-28FBHounds vs Fairfield VarsityBlisten
2007-09-21FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds 9thBlisten
2007-09-21FBMt.Pleasant vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2007-09-14FB Hounds vs Oskaloosa 9thBlisten
2007-09-14FB Hounds vs Oskaloosa VarsityBlisten
2007-09-07FBQuincy vs Hounds VarsityBlisten
2007-09-07FBQuincy vs Hounds JVBlisten
2007-09-07FBQuincy vs Hounds Second HalfBlisten
2007-08-31FB Hounds vs Sigourney-Keota JVBlisten
2007-08-31FB Hounds vs Sigourney-Keota VarsityBlisten
2007-08-30VBLady Hounds vs Keokuk VarsityGlisten
2007-07-18SBRegionals Lady Hounds vs KeokukGlisten
2007-07-13BDistricts FMHS vs CentervilleBlisten
2007-07-12SBFM Lady Hounds vs Holy Trinity Game 2Glisten
2007-07-12SBFM Lady Hounds vs Holy Trinity Game 1Glisten
2007-07-02BKeokuk vs Hounds Varsity Game 1Blisten
2007-07-02BKeokuk vs Hounds Varsity Game 2Blisten
2007-06-26BMuscatine vs HoundsBlisten
2007-06-26SBCenterville vs Lady HoundsGlisten
2007-06-02SCThe Hounds vs Denison-Schleswig Semi-FinalsBlisten
2007-05-31SCThe Hounds vs Centerville at StateBlisten
2007-05-30SCChase Lampe with the Houndslisten
2007-05-24SCColumbus Junction vs Hounds Substate FinalsBlisten
2007-05-22SCIowa Mennonite vs Hounds Substate SoccerBlisten
2007-05-19SCChiefs vs Hounds Substate SoccerBlisten
2007-05-17SCNikes vs Hounds Substate SoccerBlisten
2007-02-03BBBettendorf vs Lady Hounds JVGlisten
2007-02-03BBBettendorf vs Lady Hounds VarsityGlisten
2007-01-16BBLady Hounds at Burlington VarsityGlisten
2007-01-16BBHounds at Burlington VarsityBlisten
2007-01-11WRHounds vs Washington Kids Club & MS NightBlisten
2006-12-14BBLady Hounds vs Crusaders VarsityGlisten
2006-12-14BBLady Hounds vs Crusaders JVGlisten
2006-12-14BBLady Hounds vs Crusaders 9thGlisten
2006-12-08BBFMHS at Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2006-12-08BBFMHS at Keokuk JVBlisten
2006-12-08BBFMHS at Keokuk 9thBlisten
2006-12-02BBHounds vs Crusaders VarsityBlisten
2006-12-02BBHounds vs Crusaders JVBlisten
2006-12-02BBHounds vs Crusaders 9thBlisten
2006-10-27FBSenior Night Keokuk at FMHS 9thBlisten
2006-10-27FBSenior Night Keokuk at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-10-25VBRegional Semifinals Lady Hounds vs Mt.PleasantGlisten
2006-10-20FBFMHS at Washington 9thBlisten
2006-10-20FBFMHS at Washington VarsityBlisten
2006-10-06FBHomecoming Davis County at FMHS 9th Pt 1Blisten
2006-10-06FBHomecoming Davis County at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-10-06FBHomecoming Davis County at FMHS 9th Pt 2Blisten
2006-09-29FBFairfield at FMHS 9thBlisten
2006-09-29FBFairfield at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-09-22FBFMHS at Mt.Pleasant 9thBlisten
2006-09-22FBFMHS at Mt.Pleasant VarsityBlisten
2006-09-15FB9th - Oskaloosa @ FMHSBlisten
2006-09-15FBVarsity Oskaloosa @ FMHSBlisten
2006-09-12VBLady Hounds @ Mt.Pleasant - VarsityGlisten
2006-09-08FBFMHS at Quincy JVBlisten
2006-09-08FBFMHS at Quincy VarsityBlisten
2006-09-01FBSigourney-Keota FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-09-01FBSigourney-Keota FMHS JVBlisten
2006-08-31VBLady Hounds at Keokuk VarsityGlisten
2006-07-19SBRegionals Lady Hounds vs FairfieldBlisten
2006-07-18BDistricts FMHS vs Mt.PleasantBlisten
2006-07-14BDistricts Keokuk vs FMHS Blisten
2006-07-11SBWashington at FMHS JV Game 1Glisten
2006-07-11BWashington at FMHS JV Game 2Blisten
2006-07-06BMt.Pleasant at FMHS Game 1Blisten
2006-07-03SBFMHS at Keokuk Game 1Glisten
2006-07-03BFMHS at Keokuk Game 2Blisten
2006-06-20BMt. Pleasant at FMHS JV Game 1Blisten
2006-06-14SBHoly Trinity at FMHS JV Game 1Glisten
2006-06-14SBHoly Trinity at FMHS JV Game 2Glisten
2006-06-12SBKeokuk at FMHS Varsity Game 1Glisten
2006-06-12BKeokuk at FMHS Varsity Game 2Blisten
2006-06-03SCNorwalk vs FM BloodhoundsBlisten
2006-06-03SC Waterloo Columbus vs FM BloodhoundsBlisten
2006-06-02SCDubuque Wahlert vs FM BloodhoundsBlisten
2006-06-01SBBurlington at FMHS JV Game 1Glisten
2006-05-25SCIowa Mennonite vs FMHS SubState FinalsBlisten
2006-05-23SCKeokuk vs FMHS Rnd 3 Blisten
2006-05-20SCHoly Trinity at FMHS 2nd RndBlisten
2006-05-18SCKeokuk Cardinal Stritch at FMHS 1st RndBlisten
2006-05-02SCHoly Trinity at FMHS JVBlisten
2006-05-02SCHoly Trinity at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-04-13SCDanville at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-04-10SCMt.Pleasant at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-04-10SCMt.Pleasant at FMHS JVBlisten
2006-04-04SCKeokuk at FMHS JVBlisten
2006-04-04SCKeokuk at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-03-30SCFMHS at Burlington JVBlisten
2006-03-30SCFMHS at Burlington VarsityBlisten
2006-02-27BBKeokuk at FMHS DistrictBlisten
2006-02-25WRState Wrestling FinalsBlisten
2006-02-24WRState Wrestling Day 3ABlisten
2006-02-24WRState Wrestling Day 3Blisten
2006-02-23WRState Wrestling Day 2Blisten
2006-02-23WRState Wrestling Day 2Blisten
2006-02-22WRState Wrestling Day 1Blisten
2006-02-22WRState WrestlingBlisten
2006-02-11BBFMHS at Bettendorf JVBlisten
2006-02-11BBFMHS at Bettendorf VarsityBlisten
2006-02-09WRBurlington at FMHS Senior NightBlisten
2006-02-07BBMuscatine at FMHS 9thBlisten
2006-01-31BBFairfield at FMHS JVBlisten
2006-01-31BBFairfield at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-01-28BBClark County at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-01-28BBClark County at FMHS JVBlisten
2006-01-27BBFMHS at Keokuk VarsityBlisten
2006-01-26WRFMHS at KeokukBlisten
2006-01-21BBCentral Lee at FMHS JVGlisten
2006-01-21BBCentral Lee at FMHS VarsityGlisten
2006-01-19WRFairfield at FMHS Blisten
2006-01-17BBBurlington at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-01-17BBBurlington at FMHS VarsityGlisten
2006-01-10BBHoly Trinity 7th at FMMS Blisten
2006-01-10BBHoly Trinity 8th at FMMS 8th Blisten
2006-01-07BBBurlington ND at FMHS JVGlisten
2006-01-07BBBurlington ND at FMHS VarsityGlisten
2006-01-06BBMt.Pleasant at FMHS JVBlisten
2006-01-06BBMt.Pleasant at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-01-03BBHoly Trinity at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2006-01-03BBHoly Trinity at FMHS JVBlisten
2005-12-19BBCentral Lee at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-12-19BBCentral Lee at FMHS JVBlisten
2005-12-10BBBurlington Notre Dame at FMHS 9thBlisten
2005-12-10BBBurlington Notre Dame at FMHS JVBlisten
2005-12-10BBBurlington Notre Dame at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-12-09BBFrosh - FMHS @ KeokukGlisten
2005-12-09BBJV - FMHS @ KeokukGlisten
2005-12-09BBV - FMHS @ KeokukGlisten
2005-12-06WRKeokuk-Fairfield-Washington at FMMS 7th/8thBlisten
2005-12-01WRQuincy at FMHS Varsity/JVBlisten
2005-11-29WRMuscatine at FMHS JV / VarsityBlisten
2005-11-19IWinter Sports Media Daylisten
2005-11-01BBOttumwa at FMMS 8th GradeGlisten
2005-10-28FB FMHS at Washington VarsityBlisten
2005-10-21FBFR - Centerville @ FMHSBlisten
2005-10-21FBCenterville at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-10-18VBSenior Night - Washington at FMHS VarsityGlisten
2005-10-14FBFairfield at FMHS FRBlisten
2005-10-14FB(Homecoming) Fairfield at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-10-07FBFMHS at Mt.Pleasant VarsityBlisten
2005-10-07FBFMHS at Mt.Pleasant FRBlisten
2005-10-03FBChariton at FMHS JVBlisten
2005-09-30FBFMHS at Chariton FR 2nd HalfBlisten
2005-09-30FBFMHS at Chariton VarsityBlisten
2005-09-29VBMuscatine at FMHS VarsityGlisten
2005-09-23FBKeokuk at FMHS FRBlisten
2005-09-23FBKeokuk at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-09-16FBFMHS at Oskaloosa FRBlisten
2005-09-16FBFMHS at Oskaloosa VarsityBlisten
2005-09-13VBMt. Pleasant at FMHS VarsityGlisten
2005-09-09FBQuincy at FMHS JVBlisten
2005-09-09FBQuincy at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-09-02FBFMHS at Sigourney - Keota JVBlisten
2005-09-02FBFMHS at Sigourney - Keota VarsityBlisten
2005-09-01VBFMHS at Keokuk VarsityGlisten
2005-08-27IFall Sports Media Daylisten
2005-07-20SBRegionals Lady Hounds vs KeokukGlisten
2005-07-18BDistricts Hounds vs Mt. PleasantBlisten
2005-07-15BDistricts Hounds vs Fairfield Blisten
2005-07-14SBAquinas - Marquette at FMHS Game 1Glisten
2005-07-14SBAquinas - Marquette at FMHS Game 2Glisten
2005-07-13BCentral Dewitt at FMHS Var. Game 1Blisten
2005-07-13BCentral Dewitt at FMHS Var. Game 2Blisten
2005-07-11BWashington at FMHS Var. Sr. NightBlisten
2005-07-11SBWashington at FMHS Var. Sr. NightGlisten
2005-07-09BFMHS Var. at Dav. Assum Game 1Blisten
2005-07-09BFMHS Var. at Dav. Assum Game 2Blisten
2005-07-07BFMHS at Mt. Pleasant Game 1Blisten
2005-07-07BFMHS at Mt. Pleasant Game 2Blisten
2005-07-06SBKeokuk at FMHS Varsity Game 1Glisten
2005-07-06SBKeokuk at FMHS Varsity Game 2Glisten
2005-07-05BKeokuk at FMHS Varsity Game 1Blisten
2005-07-05BKeokuk at FMHS Varsity Game 2Blisten
2005-06-24BFMHS Var. at Dav. North Game 1Blisten
2005-06-24BFMHS Var. at Dav. North Game 2Blisten
2005-06-22SBDanville at FMHS Varsity GamesGlisten
2005-06-20BMt. Pleasant at FMHS Var. Game 1Blisten
2005-06-20BMt. Pleasant at FMHS Var. Game 2Blisten
2005-06-16BFMHS Var. at Washington Game 1Blisten
2005-06-16BFMHS Var. at Washington Game 2Blisten
2005-06-15SBAquinas-Marquette at FMHS JVGlisten
2005-06-15SBA-M at FMHS JV Game 2Glisten
2005-06-14BKeokuk at FMHS JV Game 1Blisten
2005-06-14BKeokuk at FMHS JV Game 2Blisten
2005-06-13BFMHS at Keokuk Varsity Game 2Blisten
2005-06-13BFMHS at Keokuk Varsity Game 1Blisten
2005-06-08BBurlington at FMHS FreshmenBlisten
2005-06-07BBettendorf at FMHS Var. Game 1Blisten
2005-06-07SBBurlington at FMHS Var. Game 2Glisten
2005-06-06BFairfield at FMHS Var. Game 1Blisten
2005-06-06SBFairfield at FMHS Var. Game 2Glisten
2005-06-03SBKeokuk at FMHS - JVGlisten
2005-05-24BBurlington at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-05-24BBurlington at FMHS Var. Game 2 Blisten
2005-05-05SCCentral Lee at FMHS - JV listen
2005-05-05SCCentral Lee at FMHS Var. Sr.Nightlisten
2005-04-28SCWashington at FMHS JVlisten
2005-04-28SCWashington at FMHS Varsitylisten
2005-04-21SCCardinal Stritch at FMHS Varsitylisten
2005-04-07SCFairfield at FMHS - JVlisten
2005-04-07SCFairfield at FMHS Varsitylisten
2005-03-31SCBurlington at FMHS JVlisten
2005-03-31SCBurlington at FMHS Varsitylisten
2005-03-22ISpring Sports Media Daylisten
2005-03-08BBDenison/Schleswig vs. KeokukGlisten
2005-03-07BBHounds vs. Dav. Assumption at Musc.Blisten
2005-03-05WRState Dual WrestlingBlisten
2005-03-05WRFinals State Dual Wrestling TBABlisten
2005-03-03BBHounds vs. Keokuk at BurlingtonBlisten
2005-02-28BBHounds vs. Fairfield at FMHSBlisten
2005-02-26WRState WrestlingBlisten
2005-02-26WRState Wrestling FinalsBlisten
2005-02-25BBFairfield at FMHS - F - JVBlisten
2005-02-25BBFairfield at FMHS-Varsity(Sr. Night)Blisten
2005-02-19BBDav. West at FMHS - JVBlisten
2005-02-19BBDav. West at FMHS - VarsityBlisten
2005-02-17BBVarsity Girls at Keokuk Glisten
2005-02-11BBMt. Pleasant at FMHS - FR - JVBlisten
2005-02-11BBMt. Pleasant at FMHS - VarsityBlisten
2005-02-08BB8th Boys BB Marquette at FMMSBlisten
2005-02-05BBLinn - Mar at FMHS JV Blisten
2005-02-05BBLinn Mar at FMHS VarsityBlisten
2005-02-03BB7th Girls BB Mt. Pleasant at FMMSGlisten
2005-02-01WR8th WR at FMMS vs Fairfield, Mt. PBlisten
2005-01-31BB8th Boys BB Oak Street at FMMSBlisten
2005-01-27WRKeokuk at FMHS - FR-JV-V (Sr. Night)Blisten
2005-01-25BB7th Girls BB Fairfield at FMMSGlisten
2005-01-24BBFMHS at Aquinas - VarsityBlisten
2005-01-24BBFMHS at Aquinas - FR-JVBlisten
2005-01-18BBG7 - FMMS at KeokukGlisten
2005-01-14BBWashington at FMHS - FR - JVBlisten
2005-01-14BBWashington at FMHS - VarsityBlisten
2005-01-13WRWash, West Bur at FMHS - FR-JV-VBlisten
2005-01-07BBMt. Pleasant at FMHS - FR-JVGlisten
2005-01-07BBMt. Pleasant at FMHS - VarsityGlisten
2005-01-06WRFMHS at Mt. Pleasant - VBlisten
2004-12-20BBFMHS at Central Lee - VarsityBlisten
2004-12-16BBAquinas at FMHS - JVGlisten
2004-12-16BBAquinas at FMHS - VarsityGlisten
2004-12-10BBFMHS at Keokuk - Fr - JVBlisten
2004-12-10BBFMHS at Keokuk - VarsityBlisten
2004-12-09BB8th Girls BB Ottumwa at FMMSGlisten
2004-12-07BB7th Boys BB Washington at FMMSBlisten
2004-12-06BB8th Girls BB FMMS at James MadisonGlisten
2004-12-02BB7th Boys Mt. Pleasant at FMMSBlisten
2004-11-29WR8th Wr at FMMS vs Bur, Mt. P, OttBlisten
2004-11-22BB7th Boys BB Keokuk at FMMSBlisten
2004-11-20IWinter Sports Media Daylisten
2004-11-18BB8th Girls BB FMMS at KeokukGlisten
2004-11-16BB8th Girls BB Marquette at FMMSGlisten
2004-11-15WR8th WR at FMMS vs Mt. P, Wash, KeoBlisten
2004-11-08BB8th Girls BB Horace Mann at FMMSGlisten
2004-10-29FBWashington at FMHS - 9thBlisten
2004-10-29FBWashington at FMHS (Sr.Night) Var.Blisten
2004-10-25FBCenterville at FMHS - JVBlisten
2004-10-22FBFMHS at Centerville - VarsityBlisten
2004-10-21VBFairfield at FMHS Varsity(Sr. Night)Glisten
2004-10-18FBFairfield at FMHS - JVBlisten
2004-10-15FBFMHS at Fairfield - 9thBlisten
2004-10-15FBFMHS at Fairfield - VarsityBlisten
2004-10-14VBMt. Pleasant at FMHS - VarsityGlisten
2004-10-11ScAquinas at FMMS - 7-8listen
2004-10-09VB9th VB @ Bur. Inv.vs.Dav.Co.and BurGlisten
2004-10-09VB9th VB @ Bur. Inv. vs. BettendorfGlisten
2004-10-08FBMt. Pleasant at FMHS 9th HomecomingBlisten
2004-10-08FBMt. Pleasant at FMHS V HomecomingBlisten
2004-10-05VBFMMS at Mount Pleasant - 8thGlisten
2004-10-04VBKeokuk at FMMS - 7thGlisten
2004-10-02VBFM - 10th @ Burl Inv. vs. ND & BurGlisten
2004-10-02VB10th VB at Burl. Inv. vs. GalesburgGlisten
2004-10-01FBChariton at FMHS - 9thBlisten
2004-10-01FBChariton at FMHS - VBlisten
2004-09-30FBWashington at FMMS - 8thBlisten
2004-09-28VBJames Madison at FMMS - 8thGlisten
2004-09-27ScFMMS at Marquette - 7-8listen
2004-09-27FBKeokuk at FMHS - JV 4th QuarterBlisten
2004-09-25VB at Burl Inv. - V FMHS vs Davis Co.Glisten
2004-09-25VBFMV at Burl Inv. - vs. FF; vs. BurlGlisten
2004-09-24FBFMHS at Keokuk - VBlisten
2004-09-24FBFMHS at Keokuk - 9thBlisten
2004-09-23FBOttumwa at FMMS - 7thBlisten
2004-09-21VBFMMS at Mount Pleasant - 7thGlisten
2004-09-20VBFMMS at Oak Street - 8thGlisten
2004-09-17FBOskaloosa at FMHS - VBlisten
2004-09-16FBFMMS at Mount Pleasant - 8th - ABlisten
2004-09-16FBFMMS at Mount Pleasant - 8th - BBlisten
2004-09-14VBFMMS at Fairfield - 8thGlisten
2004-09-13VBHorace Mann at FMMS - 8thGlisten
2004-09-10FBFMHS at Quincy - JV Blisten
2004-09-10FB FMHS at Quincy - VBlisten
2004-09-03FBSigourney-Keota at FMHS - JVBlisten
2004-09-03FBSigourney-Keota at FMHS - VarBlisten
2004-09-02FB4th Q FM9 vs. HannibalBlisten
2004-08-31VBAquinas at FMHS - FreshmanGlisten
2004-08-31VBJV/Varsity vs. AquinasGlisten
2004-08-28IFall Sports Media Daylisten
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